Spanish song teaches animal words to kids.

The song Un amigo me enseñó from Babyradio is fun to sing with children learning Spanish and effectively teaches common Spanish animal words and other language. You can hear the song in the video below.

I like to sing this song with Spanish learners because:
– In addition to animal words, the song uses other common vocabulary: amigo, cantar, canción.
– The pattern is easy to remember and reproduce with lots of animals.
– The verb phrase Me enseñó familiarizes kids with the stress pattern and regular verb ending of the preterite tense as well as pronoun placement. The song provides an opportunity for them to produce the structure correctly over and over.
– You can use manipulatives like paper cut outs, finger puppets, or toys to represent the animals and reinforce the vocabulary.
– The tune can be adapted to actions instead of animal sounds. Here are just a few of the possibilities:

Una ranita me enseñó a saltar, a saltar.
Una ranita me enseñó a saltar así.

Un caballito me enseñó a trotar, a trotar.
Un caballito me enseñó a trotar así.

Un pececito me enseñó a nadar, a nadar.
Un pececito me enseñó a nadar así.

Un monito me enseñó a trepar, a trepar.
Un monito me enseñó a trepar así.

Un pajarito me enseñó a volar, a volar.
Un pajarito me enseñó a volar así.

– The song is an excellent complement to the book My Friends/Mis amigos by Taro Gomi. I wrote about the book in this post: Picture book teaches animals and verbs in Spanish

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