I like activity calendars because I always appreciate a list of suggestions and new ideas. It is like making dinner; I’m happy to do it, but I’m grateful for help figuring out what to make. Our Spanish activity calendars have reading, art, games, songs and videos for young language learners. We’ve added a new calendar for July 2017.

Interactive Links to Activities

The activity calendars have interactive links. First, download the PDF of the calendar. Then you can click through to games, songs, videos and printable activities.

Language learners need repetition, so we set aside weekends to repeat activities kids particularly liked. Of course, you can do any activity any time. If kids have fun with something though, be sure to do it again.

You may want to print the calendar, too. That way, kids can see what they will be doing and cross off activities they have done.


The activities on the calendar do not require any special materials, but you will probably want to read ahead to know what you are doing. You do need to be able to print, and you’ll want to print game cards on card stock or tape them to index cards.

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These Spanish activity calendars are part of our Summer Spanish Read and Play Program. Be sure to sign up for summer Spanish to get updates with more calendars, challenges, reading logs and other resources to keep kids learning Spanish over the summer. You will also be entered in grab bag giveaways during the summer and a great end-of-summer giveaway with Spanish language products from our sponsors.

You can find more summer Spanish resources on our Summer Spanish Pinterest board.

Download Spanish Activity Calendar for July

Download the PDF of the calendar. Then, you can click through to games, songs, videos and printable activities. Links will open in a new tab if you download the calendar. If you click from the viewer, they will open in the same tab.

Spanish Activity Calendar July 2017

This activity calendar has games, songs, videos and reading activities for summer Spanish.

Download Spanish Activity Calendars for June

Spanish Activity Calendar June 2017 – Level 1

Spanish activity calendars with links to songs, games videos and printables.

Spanish Activity Calendar June 2017 – Level 2

Kids find games, songs, videos and printable activities on Spanish activity calendars.

Spanish Reading Logs for Kids
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