Spanish activity book for summer from Dodot.

These printable Spanish activity books have a selection of educational games for kids of different ages. Dodot is a Spanish company that makes diapers and wipes. On their website they offer these printables and a variety of online games.

Dodot no longer has this activity book available on their website. If I find it online, I’ll update the link.

The activity books, or workbooks, are called cuadernillos. Each has 10 pages, 8 pages of activities with a cover and a final page. Of course, you can print just the pages you are going to use. There are two books for each age group,  kids aged 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6 and 6-7.

A frog, La Ranita Kandoo, appears in all of the activities. The instructions are in very conversational Spanish, and kids often help La Ranita Kandoo solve a puzzle. When you do these activities with your child, be sure to read the instructions aloud. Seeing the activity will provide a context and help children understand the words in the instructions.

There are a variety of different activities for each age group, including coloring according to the instructions, matching, choosing the word that is spelled correctly, simple crosswords and more. The solutions to puzzles and word completions are at the bottom of the page.

Many kids are out of school and getting less exposure to Spanish than they do during the school year. Others are home and speaking more Spanish, but may not be practicing other academic skills. Whatever the situation, these Spanish activity books have games to make summer days fun and educational.

Link to Spanish Activity Books from Dodot

Cuadernillos – Aprendemos con Kandoo

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