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With these free printable pictures, kids find the differences and practice common Spanish words. These Spanish activities, Encuentra las diferencias, are from Minihogar Kids, the children’s section of El Minihogar. The puzzles are designed for native-speakers, so the solutions are in Spanish. Kids can use the words as they look for differences and then see the written Spanish words when they check their answers.

There are three Hello Kitty scenes and two scenes with the Simpsons. Children do not have to be familiar with the characters for the activities to be good Spanish language practice. If you play online, you can zoom in to see the details. If you print the activities, print them in landscape (except the house), so that they are not scaled down to fit the page.

To make the most of these Spanish activities, talk about the picture with your child first. Use the vocabulary from the lists below to name the things in the picture before you start to look for the differences. You can use simple sentences like Veo un avión (I see an airplane), Hay tres casas (There are three houses) or Me gustan los globos (I like the balloons).

Point out differences in the two pictures by naming the object that is different: El pez es diferente. When your child points out a difference, say the word: Sí, la flor es diferente. Often there is no need to explain the difference; you can both see it.

Sometimes the difference is in the number of something or when an object is missing. Then it is easy to say No hay un caracol (There is no snail.) or Hay tres peces en este dibujo. Hay cuatro allí. (There are three fish in this picture. There are four there.).

The solutions to these Spanish activities are below each picture and list the key words. For example, if a picture of a fish on a beach umbrella is different, the answer key says: pez sombrilla (fish umbrella).

These are the links to the Spanish activities and the words that are used in the solutions. Be sure to use the words as you talk about the pictures and look for the differences.

Spanish activities  –  Hello Kitty and friends in front of houses
azul – blue
la camiseta – t-shirt
el caracol – snail
la casa – house
la chimenea -chimney
la gaviota – sea gull
el humo – smoke
el lazo – bow
la nube – cloud
el ojo – eye
el pelo – hair
la pelota – ball
el pico – beak
la puerta – door
la rana – frog
el rayo de sol – sun rays
roja – red

Spanish activities  –  Hello Kitty at the beach
la bandera – flag
el bocadillo – bubble for words
la bolsa deportiva – sports bag
el corazón – heart
la estrella de mar – star fish
la flor – flower
el flotador – swim ring
la gorra – cap
las gotas de agua – drops of water
la hamaca – hammock
el lazo – bow
el lunar – polka-dot
la nariz – nose
roja – red
la sombrilla – umbrella
el velero – sail boat

Spanish activities  –  Hello Kitty with a piano
la copa – glass
el cuadro – picture
el delantal – apron
la flor – flower
las fotos – photos
las gafas – glasses
el lazo – bow
el lunar – polka-dot
los ojos – eyes
la pata de piano – leg of the piano
las patillas – ear pieces on glasses
el perro – dog
el péndulo – pendulum
el reloj – clock
la silla – chair

Spanish activities  – The Simpsons’ house
el árbol – tree
la avioneta – small plane
el avión – airplane
la chimenea – chimney
la cola del perro – the dog’s tail
el cubo de basura – garbage can
la hoja – leaf
izquierdo – left
la linea de viento – wind line (behind the plane)
el lunar – polk-dot
la maceta – potted plant
el motor – motor
la nube – cloud
el número – number
la pata de la silla playa – leg of the beach chair
la puerta – door
la sombra – shadow
el tejado – roof
el tronco – trunk
el vestido – dress

Spanish activities  – The Simpsons at the lake
la araña – spider
las burbujas – bubbles
el flotador – swim ring
las gafas – glasses
la gorra – cap
el lazo – bow
el lunar – polka-dot
la margarita – daisy
el pañuelo – head scarf
el pelo – hair
el pez – fish
la sombrilla – umbrella

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