Five Spanish activities for elementary students that require no preparation.

It’s Friday and time for the Friday Five! These five Spanish activities for elementary students will help you speak the language with kids. The activities be done in a short time during a busy weekend, or you can expand on the content and develop them into complete lessons. These Spanish activities for elementary students take little or no preparation. The Friday Five engage kids with Spanish in different ways, and are not much work for parents and teachers. Choose an activity you think will appeal to your child or students. Check out the Friday Five tag for other easy Spanish activities for elementary students.

1. Photos with captions – Use the photos from different Spanish-speaking countries to speak Spanish with kids. The photos are carefully chosen for their focus. The caption describes the photo in a way children can understand the language by using the picture as a reference. Point to the object in the picture as you read the caption aloud. Ask a follow-up ¿Dónde está el/la…? question that your child can answer by pointing. These photos can be used for other Spanish activities for elementary students, too. For a listening activity, show several photos and read a caption. Students match the caption to the photos. The pictures also make good writing prompts for kids who have more Spanish.

2. Play this two-action spinner game . Make the spinner as described in the directions, or cut the spinner into pieces and put them into a bag. Spin twice or draw two actions and try to do them at the same time. For young Spanish learners, you can simplify by counting forwards, drawing a line instead of writing your name, etc. Including movement in Spanish activities for elementary students has been shown to enhance learning.

3. Play an online map quiz to practice geography and the names of countries in Spanish. Choose a region from the top navigation bar. Online Spanish activities for elementary students are an easy way to speak the language with kids and often require no preparation.

4. Practice verbs and actions with Da una vuelta en tu lugar, a song from Baila Baila. Songs are excellent Spanish activities for elementary students! This one combines movement, rhythm and rhyme for an excellent learning experience.

5. Do this listening activity where kids hear instructions and add to drawings of animals. There are two levels of instructions on the PDF and more tips for doing the activity here: Printable Spanish Activities: Listen and Draw. You will also find a similar activity using food vocabulary.

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