Spanish 4th of July activities

These photos of the American flag are a fun way to speak with Spanish with kids as the United States gets ready to celebrate Independence Day. You can use them for activities like these:

– Read the descriptions and find the picture that is being described.
– Take turns describing a picture and guessing which picture is being described.
– Teachers can project the pictures onto a whiteboard and use them as a tic-tac-toe board. Teams tell teachers where they would like it put their mark by describing the photo.
– Count the total number of flags in the pictures. (There are 19.)

Click on the link to open a large version of the collage. A photo search activity follows the pictures.

Spanish 4th of July Photo Search

¿Puedes encontrar estas fotos de la bandera de Estados Unidos?

1. La bandera está en un bosque. Vuela sobre muchos árboles.
2. Una bandera grandísima está colgada en un edificio.
3. Hay dos banderas pequeñas en un carro rojo.
4. Esta galleta tiene forma de una bandera.
5. Cinco banderas ondean en el viento.
6. Hay una bandera en un camión de bomberos.
7. Esta bandera es una guitarra.
8. Hay cuatro banderas en un partido de fútbol.
9. Esta bandera está en un barco.

Spanish 4th of July Word Search

Here is a word search with Spanish words related to Independence Day: Spanish 4th of July Word Search. You can download and print the puzzle. These are the words in the word list:
colonias – colonies
independencia – independence
república – republic
democracia – democracy
estrellas – stars
bandera – flag
rojo – red
blanco – white
azul – blue
revolución – revolution
constitución – constitution
libertad – liberty
derechos – rights
Estados Unidos – United States
fuegos artificiales -fireworks
desfile – parade
igualdad – equality
congreso – congress
presidente – president

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