Sonia De Los Santos sings Spanish songs for children on her debut album.

Sonia De Los Santos recently released her debut album Mi viaje: De Nuevo León to the New York Island. This beautiful collection of songs in Spanish is going to have a special place in many classrooms, families and childhood memories.

Music by Sonia De Los Santos fits into the new genre I think of as “songs for kids that adults will enjoy.” It is also called kindie rock. These songs reach and appeal to children, but have a complexity that satisfies grown-ups. You can find the album by Sonia De Los Santos on Amazon.

Sonia De Los Santos and Spanish Learners

The language in these songs is accessible to kids learning Spanish. There is plenty of basic vocabulary to orient beginners and enough new language to keep kids interested and learning.

The rich culture of Spanish-speaking countries is woven throughout this album. At home or in class, these songs are an excellent introduction to the diversity of these nations. You will find a Venezuelan song based on a Puerto Rican poem, a song from the Basque region of Spain, an Argentine love song with words in Guaraní, a traditional song from Monterrey, Mexico, as well as music made famous by Juan Luis Guerra and Celia Cruz. Connected by the Spanish language and universal themes, these songs build on each other to create a wonderful listening and learning experience for children.

The liner notes are amazing! You can purchase Mi viaje: De Nuevo León to the New York Island as a digital download, but these liner notes are worth having and sharing with kids. They are essentially a book with the lyrics, gorgeous art work, and a short narration by Sonia De Los Santos. She reflects on her experiences related to each song, adding a personal dimension to the cultural richness of the music.

Favorite Songs for Spanish Learners

Tan feliz – This sweet, joyful song is about the happiness friendship brings. The song is short and the language is accessible to beginning learners.

Chocolate – Sonia De Los Santos sings a delightful version of the traditional rhyme.

Esta es tu tierra – This is a lovely translation and adaption of the Woody Guthrie original. It could be used to create an excellent language and culture lesson for older Spanish learners as it raises the question of who is included when you sing This Land is Your Land.

El martillo – This is a wonderful translation and arrangement of If I Had a Hammer (The Hammer Song) by Pete Seeger and Lee Hays. I love hearing this song call out for freedom and justice in Spanish and English.

Mi viaje: De Nuevo León to the New York Island is an excellent choice for Spanish learners or native speakers. It is music for children, but it doesn’t underestimate them. These songs are real music in real Spanish about real life.

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