Spanish for children Valentine's day song


Teachers and parents teaching Spanish to their children should build Spanish into daily routines as much as possible. Repetition is essential to language learning, and if teachers and parents incorporate a song or a poem into daily activities, they are much more likely to be consistent and repeat the Spanish enough that children can process it and learn the words and structures at a deep level.

This little song Te quiero (I love you)  is on the 1-2-3 Spanish Together YouTube channel. They suggest the song for Valentine’s day and there is no doubt that it is perfect for Día del amor y la amistad. Don’t stop there though. Long after Valentine’s Day has passed, you can sing this song to your child by incorporating it as a part of your daily routine. For example, it would be a great “start the day” song to sing as you wake your child up, or a wonderful part of a bedtime routine. This song also lends itself to an echo, or call-and-response. In a short time you will be singing the first Te quiero and your child will be singing it back to you. Do the same with the next phrase and you have a singing conversation.

Click here to listen to Te quiero, a song for children in Spanish.

You can find more music to use with daily activities at the Fun for Spanish Teachers website.

Teaching Spanish to children requires lots of energy and creativity. By including songs and rhymes as a part of daily routines, parents and teachers build in repetition and consistency that does not require structuring new situations or planning new activities. Singing a song like Te quiero as you do a specific task is one of the easiest and most effective ways of exposing children to Spanish.

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