Spanish song for bath time

For children learning Spanish, music is a wonderful source of language and culture.  In the case of Luis Pescetti’s songs, it is also a lot of fun! Luis Pescetti is a very talented performer from Argentina.  In addition to singing songs for children, he is a comedian, an author of books for children and adults, and a gifted teacher. He has been nominated for a Latin Grammy Award this year for Best Children’s Album.

Luis Pescetti is very popular with children and adults, and has had television and radio programs in several Latin American countries. I bought his CDs in Mexico over the years. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get all of them in the United States.  Amazon does have the CD Antología available to download, and Inútil insistir and Bocasucia as audio CDs.  They also have several DVDs. Luckily, Luis Pescetti generously shares his songs on his wonderful website.  There are lots of videos and mp3s, and many of them work well with Spanish language learners.

Luis Pescetti says this song, Al agua pato (Into the water duck), is a good one for getting kids into the water at bath time. It is a very fun song to sing. On the video, there is a short introduction to the song as Mr. Pescetti talks to Pablo Fernandez, the illustrator of his book Natacha.  The Spanish lyrics follow the video.  The translation is provided for meaning only, with no attempt at rhythm or rhyme.

El que quiera nadar un rato,   / Whoever wants to swim a while
como un pato, como un pez,   / like a duck, like a fish,
que se saque los zapatos   / take off his shoes
como yo me los saqué.   / like I took them off.

Al agua pato, pato,   / Into the water duck, duck
sin los zapatos patos.   / without shoes duck.
Al agua pato, pato   /  Into the water duck, duck
y al agua pez.  / and into the water fish.

El que quiera nadar un rato   / Whoever wants to swim a while
como un pato, como un pez,   / like a duck, like a fish
tiene que mover los brazos   / has to move his arms
y al mismo tiempo los pies.   / and at the same time his feet.

Un poquito panza abajo   / A little belly under
y otro poco panza al Sol   / and a little belly to the sun
cada cual a su manera   / each one in his way
goza de la natación.   / enjoys swimming.

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