This short, simple song asks the sun to warm the Earth.  It is a good example of how word families extend a child’s vocabulary as she learns Spanish.  Children can hear the relationship between the common words calor (heat) and frío (cold) and the verbs calentar (to heat something)  and enfriar (to make something cold) that are used in the song. Also, most children are introduced to the word sol early in their contact with Spanish.  The association of the sun with heat reinforces and expands the meaning of calentar and enfriar in the context of the song.  The lyrics and a translation follow the video. Thank you to Pablo at Yo canto y bailo esta canción for permission to embed the video!

Sol, sol, sol caliéntame un poquito

Sol, sol, sol, calienta por favor.

La tierra se enfría si no sale el sol.

Sol, sol, sol calienta por favor.

Sun, sun sun, warm me up a little

Sun, sun, sun warm (us) up please

The Earth gets cold if the sun doesn’t come out.

Sun. sun, sun warm (us) up please.

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