Activities for talking about a snowman in Spanish.

It’s Friday and time for the Friday Five, five low-prep activities to do with kids learning Spanish. This week, all the activities all have to do snowmen. Use these stories, videos and activities to talk about making a snowman in Spanish.

1. Spanish Together has two videos about snowmen for beginning learners. The first teaches the parts of a snowman in Spanish: Un muñeco de nieve. The second is a song called Un muñeco de nieve that teaches grande and pequeño.

2. Yo canto ésta has a snowman story with lots of vocabulary that kids will understand.  It is called El muñeco de nieve está triste.  There is background noise from children in the room, but you can still hear the story well.

3. Kids complete sentences about a snowman in Spanish in this activity. It provides practice with winter vocabulary as you talk about the pictures with your child.

4. In this listening activity, children identify which snowman you are describing. There is a script, so it could be adapted as a reading activity too. When we do this activity, we give the snowmen names before we start and mark the snowman being described with a clothespin.  The two printables in this post, word-to-picture matching and order the syllables, use the same vocabulary as the listening activity: Spanish Printables: Winter and Snowman

5. Try this speaking activity. There is a photo of a snowman with a description in Spanish. Then there are questions based on the description.

I know it’s the Friday Five, but there are a lot of snowman activities out there. Here are a couple more.

6. These minibooks to print and color are great for talking about winter and making a snowman in Spanish. There are other topics and languages on the page too, so look for these titles as you scroll down: El invierno, El guante, El muñeco de nieve, ¿Qué podemos hacer en la nieve?  

7. Of course, there are lots of snowman crafts to do with kids, too. Hands-on activities that let kids assemble a snowman as they use Spanish are an excellent way to learn. For example, this simple snowman garland made from paper plates is perfect for talking about parts of the face and shapes.

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