Author Mariana Llanos engages language learners in authentic communication as a Skype guest speaker in Spanish class.

A guest speaker is a fabulous way for students to hear and use Spanish. Now, it is easier than ever to bring in visitors because speakers can join a class using video. Author Mariana Llanos is available as a free Skype guest speaker for Spanish class or immersion programs to share language, literature and learning.

Why a Skype Guest Speaker for Spanish Class?

As language teachers, we work hard to make communication real and meaningful. When students have the opportunity to listen and talk to a guest speaker, the communication goes beyond a typical classroom interaction.

Having speakers in person is wonderful, however, it is not easy to find authors or other experts skilled at working with language learners. Travel and scheduling are also complicated. A Skype guest speaker for Spanish class or immersion programs makes it much easier for students to have the opportunity to meet and learn from a variety of people.

Author Mariana Llanos

Award-winning author Mariana Llanos publishes stories and poetry for children in Spanish and English. She is originally from Peru, and is available as a free Skype guest speaker for Spanish class, immersion programs, ELL groups, or in English language arts classes.

As a guest speaker, Mariana is in a unique position to encourage students as readers and writers, and as Spanish and English speakers. She shares her experience as a writer, but also draws on her experiences as a language learner to connect with students.

Mariana’s sessions are flexible and fun. As she says, “On my Skype visits, I read one of my stories (either English or Spanish) then chat, ask questions, answer questions, sing, or do any other activity you have in mind!”

Find specific information on bringing Mariana Llanos as a Skype guest speaker for Spanish class or an immersion program on her website.

Mariana is also a part of the Skype in the Classroom program by Microsoft.

Mariana Llanos is available as a Skype guest speaker for Spanish class and immersion programs.

Books by Mariana Llanos

Author visits are different than other guest speakers because the book is shared content. This is especially valuable for language students because they learn language as they read and prepare for the visit. Then, they use the language again as they interact with the author.

Mariana’s books bridge a range of ages and language levels and deal with relevant themes in interesting stories. As a Skype guest speaker for Spanish class or an immersion program, Mariana Llanos reads a story, does related activities, and includes a question-answer session.

These books by Mariana Llanos are great options for Spanish classes and immersion programs.

Mara Sin Cumpleaños

Mara sin cumpleaños is one of the book Mariana Llanos reads as a Skype guest speaker for Spanish class.

Mara knows exactly what she wants for her birthday. When the day arrives, it seems that everyone has forgotten to celebrate. The book comes with a guide and activity pages for talking about emotions in Spanish with children. Read more about Mara Sin Cumpleaños.

Tristán Lobo

Tristán lobo is a book by Mariana Llanos who is available as a Skype guest speaker for Spanish class.

Tristán Lobo is a captivating story with a very clever twist. For native speakers or children learning Spanish, this book is an excellent transition from picture books to chapter books. Tristan was raised by wolves. He realizes he is different and decides to learn about people. The story follows his adventures as he makes the decision and travels to make contact with humans. Read more about Tristán Lobo.

Poesía Alada

Poesía Alada by Mariana Llanos is a collection of poetry in Spanish for children.

Poesía Alada is a book of poetry and art. Every child will find poems they love and relate to in this collection of Spanish poetry. Read more about Poesía Alada.

You can learn more about Mariana Llanos and all of her books on her website. You can also get the information you need to schedule her as a free Skype guest speaker for Spanish class. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity for students to interact with an inspiring author and use their language skills for authentic communication.

A Skype guest speaker for Spanish class lets students engage in authentic communication.

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