Image of short Spanish readings with photos to use with language learners.

Short Spanish readings provide learners with exposure to language and an opportunity to work independently to build their skills. While students can be intimidated by the speed of the speech they hear, reading allows them to process language at their own pace and go back and reread when they don’t understand. In addition, pairing short readings with photos provides visual support for vocabulary and also enriches cultural content.


Juan, Pamela and Aiko are part of the team that makes Spanish Playground videos. They have recently started to create a new set of materials called Insights. Insights are short, personal readings based on their daily lives and accompanied by one or more photos.

All three of them are from Mexico and living there, so there is a strong cultural component in both their writing and the photos. Insights will cover a wide range of topics, including food, family, places, activities and the natural world.

We’ll be sharing the photo-based readings on the Community Tab of our YouTube channel and including additional Insights in our membership materials. You can learn more about the Spanish Playground YouTube Membership here.

Video to Expand Short Spanish Readings

To expand on the language and content in these short readings, you can follow-up with a Spanish Playground video. Often, we will suggest a video with vocabulary and grammar that supports the content of the Insight. Pairing the reading and video gives learners repeated exposure to vocabulary, grammar structures and verb forms in different formats.

Sample of Short Readings with Photo – La feria

This is an example of what our Insights content will look like. In this short reading, Pamela shares photos and information about La feria in San Luis Potosí.

These are the two photos that accompany the reading.

You can download a PDF of Pamela’s short, personal reading La feria.

Image of rides at a fair in Mexico to accompany short Spanish readings.
Image of chocolate-filled churros to accompany short Spanish readings.

Let us know what you think of this new content and be sure to check the community tab of our YouTube channel for more.

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