Short spanish poems about fall to read with children.

These  five short Spanish poems about fall are by Douglas Wright, a well-known children’s poet and illustrator from Argentina.

Douglas Wright writes some of my favorite poems to read with children. His poetry is based in the natural world and a child’s experiences. The poems have familiar vocabulary, patterns, and rhythm and rhyme to help children who are learning Spanish appreciate the sounds of the language.

You can find more poems for children and information about sharing them with language learners on our poetry resource page Spanish Poems for Kids.

These short Spanish poems are all about fall and are perfect to read with children at this time of year. In addition, Douglas Wright illustrates his poems. These short Spanish poems each have an illustration of a fall day that will help children understand the language and engage with the text. Click on the titles below to see the illustrations on El jardín de Douglas, the author’s blog.

These features make the poems effective to use with Spanish learners.

  • The poems are short. Each is just four lines.
  • The poems are accompanied by an illustration that clarifies the meaning.
  • The rhyme is easy to hear and produce.
  • The rhyme and rhythm help children acquire correct pronunciation.
  • The vocabulary is accessible, but children will also learn a few new words.
  • There is vivid imagery of fall leaves. Children will be able to imagine the leaves as a yellow carpet, taking flight with the wind or flying, dancing and shining.
  • These short Spanish poems have vocabulary that is commonly associated with fall: el otoño, dorado, las hojas, el viento, caerse, amarilla, la brisa, la lluvia, las hojitas.

As always, many thanks to Douglas Wright for permission to share his work on Spanish Playground!

Short Spanish Poems by Douglas Wright

Otra vez está mi calle… 1
Otra vez está mi calle
salpicada de dorado,
el otoño está de vuelta,
el otoño ha llegado.

Las hojas de otoño…
Las hojas de otoño
que están en el suelo,
cuando llega el viento,
levantan el vuelo.

Otra vez está mi calle… 2
Otra vez está mi calle
hecha una alfombra amarilla,
otra vez llegó el otoño,
otra vez mi calle brilla.

La brisa hace llover…
La brisa hace llover
una lluvia amarilla:
¡son las hojitas de otoño
que vuelan, bailan y brillan!

Las hojas de otoño…
Las hojas de otoño
todas se han caído
y rumbo al invierno
volando se han ido.

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Photo Credit: Ian Sane via Compfight cc

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