Three great resources for teaching kids shapes in Spanish online.

The names of shapes, or las formas in Spanish, are basic vocabulary that children learn in preschool and kindergarten. Kids can learn shapes in Spanish online with games designed to teach native speakers the shapes in Spanish that work well for introducing or reviewing the vocabulary with children learning the language. These online games are not just for the early grades. They are excellent for any elementary school student learning Spanish.

Although the games are intended to teach shapes in Spanish online, there are also repeated verb forms and other language that kids will understand and begin to learn. All of these games have native speaker audio.

Shapes in Spanish Online from Ciudad 17

Ciudad 17 has two online activities to teach shapes. The first, Aprendemos las formas, presents the shapes in Spanish. Pieces come together to form, for example, a square, and then the child hears Esto es un cuadrado. For this activity, children watch and listen.

The second activity is a game. Children see a scene and listen to instructions. For example, they will hear Haz clic sobre los cuadrados rojos. When the player clicks on the red squares, she will hear Muy bien. Ahora vamos a contarlos. 1, 2 – hay dos cuadrados.

You can find both games on the Ciudad 17 website. Click on the Peques tab.

Ciudad 17 has a page of printable activities based on their online Spanish games. You can print a page, the scene from the game, to practice shapes in Spanish with your child. You can also reinforce other language that she heard in the game: Ahora vamos a contarlos. Hay cuarto círculos. Muy bien.

Spanish Shapes Online from Tu Discovery Kids

Tu Discovery Kids has a game called Jugando con las formas. There are four levels. Although the instructions may seem fast, the language of the game itself is appropriate for children learning Spanish.

In Nivel 1 and Nivel 2, players are shown a shape and told to click on it. In Level 1, they click on an outline of the shape, and in Level 2 they find the shape in a picture. The instructions say Haz clic sobre la figura que crees correcta. Ahora, busca un triángulo. Then, the second sentence is repeated with all the shapes: Ahora, busca un círculo.

In Level 3, players connect dots to make a shape. They see the shape and and hear the same sentence each time: Ahora, dibuja un rectángulo. Ahora, dibuja un pentágono.

In Level 4, there is less audio. Players click on different images to make a picture – the pieces just float into place. It is a good activity for reviewing the Spanish shapes if you talk about how the shape forms the basis for a new picture.

Children learn shapes in their first language when they are very young; however, these online games are excellent for elementary school students who are learning Spanish. They will learn the shapes in Spanish and also hear useful verbs, natural sentence structures and correct pronunciation.


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