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These patterns of common objects from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt can be used in lots of ways with children learning Spanish. I usually use shape books to make mini books related to the object or animal, but they also make excellent stick puppets, props for storytelling, craft materials kids can decorate and writing paper. Most of these shape books are available with and without lines. Also, the website gives permission to print and copy the pages for classroom use.

Kids can use the shape books to make mini books with the language they have been learning. They write a simple sentence on each page and illustrate it. You can also write the sentences in before you make copies. You can staple the books together or tie them with ribbon or yarn.

mini book

Link to shape book patterns to make mini books

For example, some of my units are about animals. We use el cerdo, el león, or el pez to make a mini book with verbs that kids have used in class. The sentences can be simple and follow one pattern: El león corre. El león come. El león bebe. El león salta. El león duerme. For some of the shapes, like the house and the child, kids can add details to the shape itself. We read the books in class when they are done, and then the kids can read the mini book to their family when they take it home.

Here are a few more examples of the kinds of simple sentences you can use in the mini books.

Mini books – Sample Text for Shape Books

La casa – Kids can add the details to the shape instead of drawing a separate picture
La casa tiene ventanas. / Hay ventanas en la casa.
La casa tiene una puerta. / Hay una puerta en la casa.
La casa tiene un techo. / Hay un techo en la casa.
La casa tiene flores. / Hay flores en la casa.
La casa tiene una familia. / Hay una familia en la casa.

El niño/ La niña – Kids can add the details to the shape instead of drawing a separate picture
Tengo dos ojos.
Tengo una boca.
Tengo dos brazos.
Tengo dos manos.
Tengo dos piernas.
Tengo dos pies.

La camioneta / El coche – The minivan (The word for minivan varies from country to country.)
Vamos al supermercado.
Vamos a la escuela.
Vamos al parque.
Vamos al zoológico.
Vamos a casa.

La manzana and La flor (Flower 1 is easier to cut out)
These books work well for counting.
Kids can draw apples or flowers for una manzana/flor, dos manzanas/flores, tres manzanas/flores…

La flor
For colors, kids can color the flower and label the color or colors on each page.

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