Listening activities for a video about setting the tabel in Spanish.

Poner la mesa is a short video conversation about setting the table in Spanish. Everyday tasks like table setting are a good way to use common vocabulary in natural situations. Try the Spanish Table Setting | Poner la mesa listening comprehension activities below.

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Setting the Table in Spanish Pre-Listening

Before watching the video, it’s a good idea to have kids predict what will happen. Tell them the video is about setting the table, and ask questions to help them think about they might hear.

For example, ¿Qué van a poner en la mesa? and ¿Cuántas personas van a comer?

Table Setting in Spanish Video

I suggest you watch the video all the way through once before doing activities. The video is short and very comprehensible, so kids will understand a lot.  In addition, seeing the entire video provides important context that contributes to understanding the second time. You can watch the video below or on the Spanish Playground YouTube channel.

Listening Comprehension Activities

Get the printable Poner la mesa listening activities.

Listen and Touch Setting the Table in Spanish

Use this printable page to practice words to set the table in Spanish.

This activity is most fun and effective with real objects, but you can also use our printable page.

To use real objects, make a place setting for each person with a plate, napkin, fork, knife, spoon, glass/cup and mug. You can use paper plates and cups and plastic utensils if you’re working with a group (skip taza.) Before watching the video a second time, say all the words together, touching the objects as you say them.

Then, as you watch the video, touch each object as you hear the word in the singular or plural.

Use the printable sheet the same way, touching each picture when you hear the word.  Be sure to clarify what the circles for vaso and taza represent before you start.

¿Quién lo dice?

Indicate who said each phrase in the table setting Spanish video.

In this activity, learners mark who said each phrase. Kids may be able to complete the chart without watching the video again. If you’re working with pre-readers, read the phrases to them. You can watch again to check answers or fill in any they weren’t sure of.

¿Qué pasó?

This section has general listening comprehension questions about the video. For the Setting the Table in Spanish video the questions are:

¿Cuántas personas van a comer?

¿Quién trae las servilletas? ¿El chico o la chica?

¿Qué bebida sirve la chica en los vasos?

¿Y tú? Personal Questions for Table Setting Video

Personal questions make video content relevant to learners and let kids talk about themselves in Spanish.

The questions we included on the printable activities for the setting the table in Spanish video are ¿Cuándo pones la mesa en tu casa, qué cosas pones en la mesa? and ¿Qué te gusta beber? However, you can personalize the questions even more. For example, ask kids how many people usually eat dinner at their house and how they help at home.

We hope these listening comprehension activities help your learners engage with Spanish in an easy and fun way. Let us know how they work for you!

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