Semillitas has educational and cultural contentin Spanish for preschoolers.

Semillitas is a Spanish language cable television channel from SomosTV. It offers educational and culturally rich content for preschoolers. If you do not have access to Semillitas TV, the videos and games on their website are great for young Spanish language learners.

Videos are a great way for children to learn Spanish. Check out all our Spanish videos for kids.

There are dozens of very short educational Spanish videos for children on the Semillitas website under the tab Videos. The videos are divided into categories, with several short videos in each category. The categories include Los cinco sentidos, Las cuatro estaciones, Las formas, Los punto cardinales, ¿Dónde vive el animal?, Instrumentos musicales, Los colores, Las letras,  Adivina el animal, A deletrear, Mundo marino, and Aprendiendo a sumar. The simple content of these videos is presented in complete, natural sentences.  Explore the tab Videos Semillitas here.

The section Música on the website has videos of songs. Many are traditional songs like Pin Pon, Que llueva and ¿Dónde están las llaves? The video images support the meaning of the song, and the words are on the screen, so you can sing along. Listen and sing here: Música.

The Semillitas website also has a set of online games for children. Some of them do not have audio, but there is one matching words to pictures, a spelling game, a color activity and an activity for telling time that do have good Spanish audio. You can access the games here: Games for Preschoolers.

Semillitas continues to add new content to their website. It is an excellent resource for anyone teaching children Spanish!

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