Kids learn school supplies in Spanish with these six fun activities.

It’s here! Some of you have already started a new school year, and the rest of us will start soon. Whether you are teaching a class or home schooling, there is a good chance you will be reviewing school supplies in Spanish. Here are a few resources to help kids master classroom vocabulary.

School Supplies in Spanish Videos

We’ve made videos with different structures to learn school supplies. There is a conversation, a guessing game, and a YouTuber-style video.

In this conversation, one of the speakers is checking to see if she has every thing she needs for the first day of class. There is a transcript and translation in the video description and you can find listening activities to download and print here.

This video is a guessing game. Can you guess what school supply is in the backpack?

This is a fun YouTuber-style video to introduce or review school supplies in Spanish. You can find the transcript below the video and on the Habla videos page.

School Supplies Infographic

I love images as a reference for new vocabulary. It saves me from translating because I can point to the pictures. Here’s a handy image with common school supplies words.

Use the infographic to help students master school supplies in Spanish.

Printable Mini-book or Vocabulary Cards of School Supplies in Spanish

Monarca Language provided this back-to-school activity to practice the verbs ver and usar, vocabulary related to school supplies and counting. The 8 vocabulary cards provide patterns and repetition and make great mini-books.  You can download the printable here: Monarca Language Printable – Regreso a la escuela

Printable to teach spanish classroom vocabulary.

Picture Search with School Supplies in Spanish

Kids love to search for things! Use this school supply picture search with one of the suggestions below to practice the vocabulary.

Download the picture search here or by clicking on the image.

A picture search activity to learn school supplies in Spanish .

Try these activities:

  • With young Spanish learners, look for the items together and count as you find them. Be sure to use the school supplies in Spanish classroom as you look and count.
  • This is a good activity for modeling and using the verbs ver and encontrar. Use phrases like ¿Ves un marcador? Yo veo un marcador. Sí, encontraste otro. ¿Puedes encontrar un mapa?
  • Working in pairs, kids can say the item they are looking for. They should count out loud as they find them: Veo un lápiz, Veo dos lápices, etc.
  • You can do a listening activity where you have kids color items a certain color: Colorea las mochilas de color azul or Colorea dos mochilas de color azul. Colorea tres mochilas de color rojo.
  • For kids with more Spanish, you can do a listening activity where you describe where an item is in relation to the other items. Kids try to find the right one. When they locate it, you can give instructions to color it a certain color or put a circle around it.

School Supplies Song

This song is a fun way to help kids learn school supplies. It is by Let’s Play in Spanish and the pace is perfect for doing gestures, like in the video. Kids can also touch or pick up the objects as they sing along.

Set of Back-to-School Printable Activities

Mommy Maestra and Spanish for You teamed up to offer a great set printable activities for elementary grades to practice school supplies in Spanish. The download includes a variety of activities, game suggestions, and an audio file.

Fill Your Backpack Game

This is another free mini-lesson from Spanish for You, a Fill Your Backpack / Label You Stuff game to learn school supplies, with an audio file. There are lots of free resources on the page, so be sure to check out the other lessons.

Printable List of School Supplies in Spanish and English

Finally, vocabulary for school supplies varies tremendously. If you working with older kids, you may want to share this printable list of school supplies in Spanish and English from Speaking Latino.

CC image by Vancouver Film School

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