Rockalingua songs are designed to help kids learn Spanish.

Finding music in Spanish for elementary students is hard. Songs at an appropriate language level are often too babyish. Popular songs tend to be abstract and do not reinforce the basic vocabulary that kids need to master. Fortunately songs from Rockalingua help solve this problem.

Rockalingua is an educational website with songs, videos and other materials to teach Spanish to children in the elementary grades. It is the work of a musician and Spanish teacher from Spain who currently teaches in San Francisco.

Many Rockalingua songs are available to listen to free on the website. You can access all the Rockalingua videos, songs, games and worksheets with a subscription. The subscription is an excellent value because the materials are easy to use and fit any curriculum.

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Rockalingua Materials

– The contemporary sound appeals to kids into the elementary grades.

– Vocabulary and grammar common to elementary curricula make the materials an excellent supplement to any program. Rockalingua songs teach numbers, letters, days of the week, seasons, parts of the body, common first person verbs, adjectives, feelings, means of transportation, clothes, places, professions and more.

–  The tempo makes the songs fun to sing and is optimal for clarity and correct pronunciation.

– Printable sing-along lyric sheets with drawings clarify the lyrics. Kids can color the drawings sheets.

– Music videos with images that correspond to the lyrics create comprehensible input.

– On-screen lyrics on the music videos make it easy for kids to sing along.

– Worksheets with the vocabulary and images from the song provide kids with additional exposure and practice.

– The materials require no preparation on a teacher’s part, yet provide an effective, fun learning experience. I know it sounds as if this cannot be true, but it is. I can walk into class with these songs and lyrics sheets and teach a lesson.

– Games provide additional vocabulary practice at different levels of mastery.

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