Playing rock paper scissors in Spanish is good language game for children.

Rock paper scissors in Spanish is piedra papel o tijera. It is played all over the world and it is a great game to play with kids learning Spanish.

The name rock paper scissors in Spanish varies a little. In most countries it is piedra – rock, papel – paper, o tijera -or scissors. In Peru however, it is called janquenpón, from the Japanese yan-ken-pon, and in Chile it is called cachipún.

Playing Rock Paper Scissors in Spanish

Teach your child to play rock paper scissors in Spanish. The actions reinforce the meaning of the Spanish words.  In addition, rhythm aids pronunciation. It is a great way to use Spanish with kids.

Rock paper scissors is a great way to start a board game, choose who is going to sit in the front seat, or settle a dispute. It also makes a fun game in its own right. You can have tournaments playing rock paper scissors in Spanish.

In addition to rock paper scissors, there are many fun choosing rhymes in Spanish. These are perfect when you need to choose among a group, and also excellent language practice. Check our favorite Spanish choosing rhymes here.

Click the link to listen to the correct pronunciation and rhythm of the rhyme.

Rock Paper Scissors – Spanish Version

Piedra Papel Tijera Video

This is a cute video by Pinkfong that teaches kids to play rock paper scissors in Spanish. I like it because it uses the verb ganar and gives sentences that explain the game. The video does use tijeras instead of tijera – a common version of the game.

These are the sentences I teach kids to say when they play, and they are also in the video:
Piedra gana a tijeras.
Tijeras gana  a papel.
Papel gana a piedra.

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