Recommended multicultural books from the Read Around the World summer series.

I am sharing Maya’s Blanket / La manta de Maya as a part of the Read Around the World Summer Reading Series. The series is sponsored by Multicultural Kid Blogs. It is an opportunity to discover multicultural books for kids and share our favorites with parents and teachers.

In addition to being an enchanting story, Maya’s Blanket / La manta de Maya is an excellent choice for children learning Spanish. It is a cumulative story, so the list gets longer and longer. This is a good structure for language learners because:

  • Kids can listen longer to the story longer because the growing chain is familiar. Only part of the language is new, and that also fits a pattern.
  • The items are related, so the list conjures up the entire story to that point.
  • Kids can predict what happens next. That builds comprehension.
  • The built-in repetition is essential for learning language.
  • The repeated list builds comprehension which in turn builds confidence. By the end of the story kids have forgotten they didn’t know a word in the chain.
  • Kids love to join in repeating the list. The rhythm of Maya’s Blanket/ La manta de Maya will have them chiming in as you read.

Maya's Blanket is an exceptional choice for kids learning Spanish.

I am finding excellent multicultural books for kids through the Read Around the World Summer Reading Series. You can find them all on the Read Around the World Pinterest board or by clicking the image below.

These recommended multicultural books are excellent summer reading for kids.

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