Pronunciation matters! Be sure that your child hears as much native-speaker Spanish as possible by using videos, music and audio books. If you are learning with your child, do your best to master the sounds of Spanish.  Here are a few things you should  keep in mind:

1. The vowels in Spanish always have the same sound.

A as in father

E as in get

I as in machine

O as in owe

U as in boot

2. The h in Spanish is always silent.  Hola is pronounced ola.

3. There is no z sound in Spanish.  In Latin America the z has the sound of an s.   Cabeza is pronounced cabesa.  Brazo is pronounced braso.

You can listen to the vowel sounds here: letters in Spanish. Correct pronuncation takes practice, but it is important.   Enjoy the beautiful sounds of the Spanish language!

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