Days of the week in Spanish

Children can learn lots of Spanish while they are focused on another task. These printable charts are designed to help kids establish healthy eating habits. They are an excellent way to teach the days of the week in Spanish and good for using Spanish food words. These printables are from Nourish Interactive, a site dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle. Use the links below for the printables charts.

Each day, children color stars or a box to show that they have eaten well. There are charts in Spanish to record a healthy breakfast, lunch, or snacks. There are also charts for recording fruits and vegetables, calcium rich foods or whole grains. As your child colors whatever chart you choose, use the days of the week in Spanish to talk about what she is doing. If you fill one out too, you can say even more.  You can use simple sentences like these:

Ayer fue domingo. / Yesterday was Sunday.

Comiste muy bien ayer. / You ate very well yesterday.

Comí bien también. / I ate well too.

Hoy es lunes. / Today is Monday.

Comiste muchas frutas hoy. / You ate a lot of fruit today.

Comiste un plátano en el desayuno. / You ate a banana at breakfast.

Comí una manzana en el almuerzo. / I ate an apple at lunch.

Mañana es martes. / Tomorrow is Tuesday.

Mañana puedes comer unas zanahorias en el almuerzo. / Tomorrrow you can eat some carrots at lunch.

Children who are reading will quickly recognize the words for the days of the week in Spanish on these charts. They will also practice Spanish food words as they establish their good eating habits.

Each of these links will take you to a printable worksheet by Nourish Interactive.

On the right side of the screen there will be a box that says Descargue esta hoja (Download this worksheet).

Click on Archivo en español (File in Spanish) for the Spanish printable.

Printable: the days of the week in Spanish – breakfast

Printable: the days of the week in Spanish – lunch

Printable: the days of the week in Spanish – snacks

Printable: the days of the week in Spanish – fruits and vegetables

Nourish Interactive has lots of content in Spanish. You will find nutritional information, games, and other printable material like bookmarks and coloring sheets. The site has lots of great ways to add Spanish to your child’s day.



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