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Manitas is a magazine for kids published by the newspaper Prensa Libre of Guatemala. They have a fun set of activities and cards for Dia del amor y la amistad or Valentine’s Day.

There are several things I like about using this page with Spanish language learners, both in the instructions and the activities:

– The page uses some of the different names for Valentine’s Day in Spanish: Día de cariño, Día del amor y la amistad, Día de la amistad (also July 30th).
– The cards include the line Te desea for children to sign their names. This is a good example of how the third person is used in closing letters. Here it is the equivalent of from, but literally you are saying, for example, Kate wishes you (a happy Valentine’s Day).
– The crafts use common materials so kids learn common vocabulary.
– The instructions for the crafts are short and clear, and the images clearly show what the instructions say.
– You can print the instructions so that you can easily read the Spanish with your child.

Spanish Valentine’s Day Cards

There are two Spanish cards and they both say Feliz día de cariño. Valentine’s Day is known as el Día de cariño in Central America. The cards are full page, and you can print them in color or black and white. Printed in black and white they also make a good coloring page for making a Valentine’s Day decoration. When you print these, make sure your printer is set to shrink to fit the page.

Spanish Valentine’s Day Crafts

The vocabulary for the crafts includes these common words and phrases.

El corazón / The heart:

cartulina – construction paper, card stock, or light cardboard like poster board
papel de china – tissue paper
goma – glue
tijeras – scissors
lana – yarn
sacabocados/ perforadora – hole punch
Pégalos. – Glue them.
otra cara – the other side
Deja que seque. – Let it dry.
Realiza un dibujo. – Draw a picture.
Parte de arriba – top part

La pulsera / The bracelet or La corona / The crown
(The title of the page says pulsera, or bracelet, but the instructions say Corona de la amistad, or crown of friendship. The only difference is the length and thickness of the strip of paper you use and the size of the stars and hearts.)

una tira – strip
del tamaño de tu cabeza – the size of your head (or if you are making a bracelet: del tamaño de la muñeca – the size of your wrist)
cartulina – construction paper, card stock, or light cardboard like poster board
corazones – hearts
estrellas – stars
goma – glue
papel de china – tissue paper
Pinta. – Color (the verb).
bolitas – little balls
Pégalos – Glue them.

Link to Spanish Valentine’s Day Activities

Spanish Valentine’s Day activities from Manitas Prensa Libre

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