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These nine printable Valentine cards are made for kids to color and give to friends or family. They are perfect for Spanish language learners because the picture on the card helps kids understand the message.

As kids color the cards, be sure to talk about the message and the picture. Use the vocabulary for the objects in the drawings and point to the pictures. This is easiest to do if you color a set of cards, too. You will find the link to the printable at the end of this post.

The cards are small, so that they can be used for a whole class. If you want to make larger cards, glue the small card to a half sheet of construction paper and encourage kids to decorate the cards with pictures of the key word (flor, corazón, dinamita, estrella, tesoro, dulce). This is a great way to reinforce the vocabulary.

These cards are also excellent for playing a Valentine memory or matching game. Just print two of each card and say the phrases as you turn them over and try to find the pairs.

To expand on the language in the cards, help kids to come up with other ways to finish the sentence Eres (mi) ….You can think of possible answers together and then have them write their own sentences. To get them started, have them think about la naturaleza (sol, luna, raya de sol, rosa, luz), la comida (pastel, caramelo), los sentimientos y las relaciones (amor, alegría, mejor amigo), etc.

The Spanish Valentine Cards have these messages:
Eres mi flor. – You are my flower.
Eres mi corazón. – You are my (sweet) heart.
Eres dinamita. – You are dynamite.
Eres una estrella. – You are a star.
Eres mi tesoro. – You are my treasure.
Eres dulce. – You are sweet.

Printable Spanish Valentine Cards for Kids

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