spanish story and coloring book

Los pollitos is a printable story and coloring book of a traditional Spanish children’s song. In addition to the story-coloring pages, it has figures for stick puppets, picture cards for games and a teacher and parent guide with ideas for using the material and additional activities.

The song is available to download from Music with Sara, and there is a YouTube video of the song with the illustrations.

I had a wonderful time collaborating with illustrator Patrick Hitesman on Los pollitos, and I am so happy with the way it turned out. I just finished teaching a unit with the materials and my students were enchanted!

In my class, the story book and activities created a rich language-learning experience as children
· listened to the story using the illustrations to understand and learn new words
· listened to the song as we turned the pages
· sang the song as we read the story
· colored the pictures
· acted out the story with the puppets
· played games with the picture cards and story pages
· continued to hear and use the language as we did related activities

I teach the song Los pollitos by Music with Sara. Sara has created a YouTube video of her song with the illustrations – another excellent way to reinforce the language with children and a perfect at-home activity if you are using Los pollitos in class.

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Go to this page, Los Pollitos Story and Coloring Book, to get a free download of the story-coloring book.
You will also find
· the YouTube video
· the link to Music with Sara where you can listen to and purchase the song
· links to additional resources mentioned in the teacher-parent guide

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