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These printable puzzles are short, self-checking vocabulary or reading exercises. Kids cut the scrambled puzzle apart. Then, they match the words on the pictures to the spaces on the board and glue down the squares. If they have the right answers, the squares will be in the right places to make the picture. The picture helps sort out the answers they are not sure of.

You can use these puzzles with any content. When I can, I use a picture that relates to the content, but that is not essential. For example, of the puzzles I included below, two of the puzzles use simple sentences about the picture, but the other is just matching number words to numerals. I have included a blank puzzle and board so you can make your own by writing in whatever you are working on.

These are the sentences used in my tortuga puzzle. The verbs for each sentence are on the scrambled picture. Kids use the verbs to complete the sentence and place the square in the right place. The sentences refer to the picture, which is a desert tortoise (not all tortugas live in the desert).

Camina despacio.
Come plantas.
Vive en el desierto.
Tiene cuatro patas.
Bebe agua.
Se protege bajo el caparazón.
No tiene dientes.
Es fuerte.

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If you’re interested in making your own puzzles, check out this post. It explains the process and has a couple more scrambled pictures where you can write in your own questions: Printable Spanish Puzzles: More Scrambled Pictures.

¡Que se diviertan!

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