printable spanish puzzle house

I mentioned on Facebook that I had other printable puzzles with scrambled pictures that can be used to practice Spanish. That was after I wrote this post about using scrambled pictures with Spanish language learners. I have a had a few requests to post the other puzzles, and also a request for the easiest way to add content.

Here are two more puzzles with pictures of a house and of sunflowers. The puzzles and boards do not have content – you can write in your own. Just follow the steps below. I am including the solutions, because without the questions to tell you where to put the pieces, the puzzles can be pretty hard (or at least take more time than I want to spend making an activity). It is much easier to make the activity of you have the solution in front of you.

To make these into puzzles with content, follow these steps:

1. Make eight matching or fill-in-the blank questions and answers.

2. Print the scrambled puzzle, the board and the solution.

3. On the scrambled puzzle, write in your eight “answers”.  It makes no difference where you put these.

4. Then, look at the solution to know how to make the board. On the blank board, in the square where each piece will go according to the solution, write the matching “question.” Because this text doesn’t interfere with the picture, I put sentences or math problems on the board.

These puzzles are great for math problems (simple word problems), opposites, matching words to pictures (the pictures have to go on the board), and matching words to definitions. My students like them and really do use the Spanish to solve them because the puzzles are not that easy.

Printable Scrambled Picture Puzzles

Scrambled flowers puzzle
Scrambled flowers board
Scrambled flowers solution
Scrambled house puzzle
Scrambled house board
Scrambled house solution

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