These printable Spanish notes are perfect for a lunch box or backpack.

Writing notes in Spanish is a simple way to give kids a little extra language and tell them that you love them. I found that once my kids could read, notes were an easy and personal way to include more written language in a busy day. They do not have to be anything complicated. Over time the exposure to written Spanish adds up. Also, I loved writing to my kids!

We are a note-writing family. Growing up, my husband would find notes and cartoons from his stuffed dog when he got home (this continued through college). I wrote notes in Spanish to my kids all the time. I used the message board in the kitchen or would leave them longer notes on the counter.

Notes can be tucked into lunch boxes, backpacks, books, mittens, and pockets. You can put them on a nightstand, under a pillow or in the paws of a stuffed friend. Hand-written notes are the most personal (sticky notes are great for these) and if you can add a simple drawing, even better.

I have included my PDF of little Spanish notes for kids with simple sentences that you can print. I know that some parents use sticker paper or card-stock, but regular paper works well too. These are small, so if you add a personal message, it has to go on the back.

Printable Spanish Notes to Kids

You can write about anything at all. Here are a few ideas:

– Refer to specific things you have done or are going to do: Me gustó el cuento que leímos anoche. Gracias por leer conmigo. Or, ¿Quieres ir al parque esta tarde?

– Ask for help with something: Por favor, dale de comer al perro esta tarde.

– Refer something that is happening in their day – a test, a game, something they are doing after school: Buena suerte en tu examen. Or, Buena suerte en tu partido.

– Tell kids how much you love them and wish them a good day. Here are a few specific phrases you can use (some of these are on my printable notes):

Sabes que te quiero mucho.
Estoy muy orgulloso(a) de ti.
Eres un ángel.
Me alegras el día.
Eres mi tesoro.
Eres un ángel.
Te quiero mucho.
Eres muy importante para mí.
Que tengas un día maravilloso.
Eres maravilloso/a.
Estoy pensando en ti y deseándote un buen día.
Recuerda que te quiero.
Hoy es un buen día y todo brilla para ti.
Que tengas un día super.
Gracias por ser un hijo tan lindo / una hija tan linda.
Me haces sonreir.
Gracias por hacerme sonreir.
Me haces muy feliz.
Disfruta de este día tan bonito.
Diviértete con tus amigos.

If your children have a higher level of Spanish, you can include sayings or a short joke. Use this link for some simple jokes in Spanish.


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