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Aula Editores is a Chilean company that publishes a series of magazines for teachers: Aula Creativa, Aula Infantil and Aula Herramientas. The magazines are not available in print in the U.S., but Aula Editores does make many printable Spanish materials available to download.

Since I wrote this post, the website has been restructured and the printable materials are not longer available.  If I locate them, I’ll update the links in this post.

Aula Infantil

The first magazine, Aula Infantil is for teachers and parents of preschoolers. The printable Spanish material supports the articles and the activities in the magazine, so it is labeled by edition, without a lot of detail. Lenguage verbal is often poems or stories, programas pedagógicos are PowerPoint presentations and buenas ideas are crafts. There are lots of resources and you will have to explore to see what might be appropriate for your situation. To give you an idea of what is available, in the list of downloads you will find these materials:
Ficha web Edición 70 Julio (celebrando La llegada del invierno). This PDF is about winter. It has a short story by María Elena Walsh, simple riddles with answers, and poems.
Powerpoint Edición 69 Junio (programas pedagógicos). This is a Powerpoint called ¿Conoces estos paisajes? about animals and their habitats. It shows a photograph with a question and answer: ¿Sabes cómo se llama este paisaje? Este paisaje se llama BOSQUE. The next slide shows an animal that lives in that habitat with another question and answer: ¿Sabes cómo se llama este animal que habita en el bosque? Este animal se llama ardilla.
(For some reason the questionson the slides say “esta animal.” I would say “este”)
Powerpoint Edición 66 Marzo (programas pedagógicos). This Powerpoint is called ¿Qué están haciendo? and it has photographs of people doing many different activities. These questions are on each slide: ¿Qué ven en la imagen? ¿Qué características tienen las personas en la imagen? ¿Qué están haciendo? ¿Quiénes pueden hacer esa actividad: hombres, mujeres o ambos?

Material from Aula Infantil

Aula Creativa

The second magazine, Aula Creativa is for elementary school teachers and, again, has a variety of resources to download. For example, in the list of downloads you will find these materials:
Herramientas para enseñar, Edición 85 Septiembre. These activities are about food chains and African animals.
Material Descargable Edición 84 Agusto (herramientas). These activities deal with sustantivos, verbos y adjetivos  and are very appropriate for Spanish language learners.
Material Descargable Edición 75 Septiembre (lenguaje). These three very short, simple readings about animals have comprehension activities using graphic organizers.

Material from Aula Creativa

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