This resouce has moved since I wrote the post. If I can find the materials, I’ll update the link.

These printable Spanish memory cards and lotería game are from El jardín online, a site from Argentina. There is a set for professions and another set for farm animals. These cards are in black and white. Kids can color them, which is a great Spanish language activity, and then use them to play memory or other card games.  Also, both sets of cards are in Word format, so that you can change the vocabulary if you use a different word.

Click this link to reach the printable Spanish memory cards.

Scroll down and click on Memoria – Oficios (Jobs) or Memoria – Animales de la granja (Farm animals)

Use these links for Spanish phrases to play memory, ideas for teaching Spanish vocabulary and more Spanish vocabulary ideas.

The printable Spanish farm animal cards are a small set. This is the vocabulary on the cards.

el burro – donkey
el caballo – horse
el cerdo – pig
el conejo – rabbit
la gallina – chicken
el gallo – rooster
la oveja – sheep
el pato – duck
la vaca – cow

The printable Spanish memory cards with jobs have more words. The cards are based on traditional gender roles and also include some jobs that would not be on most lists in the US. They can be useful to talk about both those topics, or you can use only the cards you find most appropriate for your child or group. This is the vocabulary on the cards.

el agricultor – farmer
el albañil – bricklayer
el barrendero – street cleaner
el cajero – cashier
el carnicero – butcher
el ejecutivo – executive
la enfermera – nurse
la estilista – hairstylist
la maestra – teacher
el mago – magician
la modista – dressmaker
el nevero – ice cream seller
el panadero – baker
el payaso – clown
el pescador – fisherman
el piloto – pilot
el químico – chemist
el salvavidas – lifeguard
la secretaria – secretary
el taxista – taxi driver
el veterinario – veterinarian
el voceador – newspaper seller

Below the memory cards, there is a printable Lotería (Bingo) game. Just click on Lotería completa and the file will open in Word. Each card has nine pictures of professions. Again, the cards are based on traditional gender roles and include some words that are not commonly included in many lists of jobs. These are the words used on this printable Spanish game.

el agricultor – farmer
el astronauta – astronaut
la bailarina – ballerina
el basurero – garbage collector
el bombero – firefighter
el buzo – diver
el carpintero – carpenter
el cartero – mail carrier
el cocinero – cook
el dentista – dentist
el doctor – doctor
la enfermera – nurse
la estilista – hairstylist
el fotógrafo – photographer
el futbolista – soccer player
el maestro – teacher
el mecánico –  mechanic
el mesero – waiter
el minero – miner
el pescador – fisherman
el pintor – painter
el policía – police officer
la secretaria – secretary
el soldado – soldier
el vaquero – cowboy

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