Use the printable Spanish counting activities to teach numbers and colors.

Spanish counting activities teach numbers and are also useful for teaching other vocabulary. I made these printable Spanish counting activities for beginning readers to reinforce number and color words.

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Numbers in Spanish Video

This video to learn numbers in Spanish is an excellent way to for kids to hear numbers 1-20 and count along.

Spanish Numbers Activities

In addition to these printable Spanish counting activities, many hands-on number activities can be done in any language. Online you will find ideas for dozens of fun games for home or class. For example, check out this set of counting activities from Hands On As We Grow.  They are an excellent way to introduce and extend on learning numbers in Spanish.

With my printable Spanish counting activities, kids color a certain number of objects on the page according to the instructions. In order to do it, they have to count, in Spanish, each time. We use dot markers with these pages, because my focus is on reading the number and color words and on the counting. However, if you have students who love to color, they could certainly use colored pencils, markers or crayons.

Colors in Spanish Video

This video is a great way to introduce or review Spanish color words before you do the count and color activity.

Spanish Reading for Beginners

The instructions on these printable Spanish counting activities are in patterned sentences, making them easy for kids to read. In each sentence the number word and the color word change.

The pattern of the sentence is:
Colorea tres pájaros de color azul. _____
Colorea ocho pájaros de color verde. _____

Students write the digit on the line after the sentence, to reinforce the number word. You can also have students underline or highlight the color word with the correct color.

The numbers are not in order, and they don’t correspond to one picture. Rather, if students follow the instructions and color any 3 birds blue, any 8 birds green, and so on, they will color all of the birds on the page.

These printable Spanish counting activities teach number and color vocabulary to beginning readers.

Download Printable Spanish Counting Activities

One of the activities has dogs and the other has birds. I use the printable Spanish counting activities to review other vocabulary too. The pictures of dogs lend themselves to parts of the body, me gusta, and size words. The birds are also useful for reviewing size words and the verbs nadar, volar, and caminar.

Spanish Counting and Color Activities PDFs

Pájaros de colores – Spanish Numbers Activity Sheets

Perros de colores – Spanish Numbers Activity Sheets

Kids practice numbers and colors with these printable Spanish counting activities.

Spanish Number Games for the Classroom

Kids need to work with numbers a lot, so combine these printable Spanish counting activities with number games. Read 25 Spanish Number Games You Can Play Tomorrow for fun, low-prep Spanish number games for learners of different ages.

Spanish Color Word Printables

If you are working with beginning readers learning Spanish, check out these other printable color word activities.

These printable pages have Spanish color vocabulary with pictures. There are two sets of sentences for students to read and use to color the pictures.

These 4-line poems about colors have rhyme and pictures to color. Recite them together for reading and pronunciation practice.

These printable Spanish counting activities provide some of the repetition of basic vocabulary that kids need to learn. They are useful for fast finishers and centers. Also, it’s fun to count in Spanish and create a colorful pack of dogs or flock of birds!

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