talk about houses in Spanish with kids

These printable coloring sheets with words in Spanish reinforce vocabulary for parts of the house and common household objects. The four pictures are from Childtopia. Three of the sheets have a list of Spanish words for objects that children find and color in the picture. One of the sheets has a list of words and also spaces to label the objects in the picture.

The words are not used in sentences, so you will want to talk about them with your child. Point to the object and describe it or relate it to the picture in a simple, logical sentence: Hay cuatro sillas. (There are four chairs), El loro está al lado de la ventana. (The parrot is beside the window) or El cuadro es de un hombre (The painting is of a man).

You can follow up the activity by finding the objects in magazine pictures, drawing and labeling your own picture, labeling the items in the house or on a doll house, and pointing to the objects in picture books. These pictures have extra details to talk about, so you can practice other words your child is learning too. There is no English on these coloring pages, but I have listed the vocabulary below.

Spanish Coloring Sheets: La Casa

These links should open to the Spanish version of these coloring sheets. If the words are in English, just click Español above the picture.

Printable Spanish coloring sheet – The parts of the house

Escribe las partes de la casa. / Write the parts of the house.
la ventana – window
la puerta – door
el tejado – roof
la maceta – plant
el buzón – mailbox
el garage – garage
la chimenea – chimney

Printable Spanish coloring sheet – Household objects

Busca estos objectos y coloréalos. / Look for these objects and color them.
la farola – streetlight / lamp
el  gato – cat
la alfombra – rug / mat
el buzón – mailbox
el perro – dog
la campana – bell
la maceta – plant

Printable Spanish coloring sheet – In the hall
Busca estos objectos y coloréalos. / Look for these objects and color them.

la araña – spider
el paragüero – umbrella stand
el jarrón – vase
el abrigo – coat
el sombrero – hat
la puerta – door

Printable Spanish coloring sheet – The living room
Busca estos objectos y coloréalos. / Look for these objects and color them.

el fuego – fire
el loro – parrot
la puerta – door
las cortinas –  curtains
el cuadro – painting
las sillas – chairs
el sillón – arm chair

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