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Many of you are familiar with and the wonderful collection of resources available on the website. In addition to thematic units, videos and other resources, the site offers a set of illustrated Spanish words and phrases that are commonly used in the classroom. These printable words and phrases can be colored and hung in the room or adapted to different activities.

This set of Passwords Perfectos, as they are called on, includes common commands that students will hear from teachers like mira, ven, escucha, and levanta la mano. Even more useful are the phrases that students need to say. This printable pdf has lots of questions and sentences students use on a daily basis, everything from ¿Qué significa…? and ¿En qué página estamos? to Necesito papel. These Spanish words and phrases all have pictures that clarify the meaning.

In addition to the classroom phrases, the set has illustrated sheets for the question words, common emotions and the verb forms yo quiero, yo tengo and (no) me gusta.

Link to Printable Spanish Words and Phrases

Passwords Perfectos from – Scroll down to Spanish Materials and click on Passwords Perfectos

Teachers can present this language to a class, but by definition students will need to use it when it is not related to the content of a lesson. These printable, illustrated Passwords Perfectos are an excellent way to support that communication and keep students in the target language.

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