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If you celebrate Christmas, Christmas cards are a fun way for kids learning Spanish to use the language.  In Spanish, Christmas cards are tarjetas de Navidad, tarjetas navideñas or postales de Navidad, depending on the country. Cards are a good language activity because they are short and there is often an illustration to support the text. Also, context helps kids understand the Spanish; they know that the cards are sending Christmas wishes. In addition, the phrases used on these cards convey the cultural importance of Christmas and expressing heartfelt emotions.

There are websites that have free cards to personalize and print. Correomágico has Spanish printable cards with a variety of messages. There is a pop-up advertisement that opens when you click on the individual cards, but after you close that, there is a simple form to personalize the card. Then just click imprimir (print).

Use this link for more printable Spanish cards. Just scroll down to the cards and click on the image.

If you are making your own cards and need a little inspiration for messages, Pekegifs has a list of Spanish phrases for Christmas.

You also might want to try this cute printable Spanish pop-up card. When you open it, Santa comes out of the chimney. The message is simple Te deseo…¡Feliz Navidad!  The instructions are in Spanish, but there are pictures too. There is a PDF to print the pattern. Just click on the image of the pattern at the end of the post.

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