Christmas Printables for Spanish Learners

Christmas is just a week away! This post is a combination of various printable Christmas materials that teachers and parents may find useful.

The first set of activities is by Eva María Martinez Villanueva and was created especially for Spanish language learners. It includes a short reading, a vocabulary exercise and a domino game. The reading is an email from a girl in Spain writing to a friend in Russia explaining Spanish Christmas traditions. The Christmas vocabulary used in the rest of the exercises is in bold in the reading.

Link to Printable Spanish Christmas Activities
Reading, Vocabulary and Domino Game by Eva María Martinez Villanueva

This next set of printables is for much younger children. They are from the blog Maestra de Infantil written by Rosa from Murcia, Spain. She has a set of Christmas coloring pages with Spanish captions. The coloring pages have images of basic Christmas vocabulary: pastores, portal de Belén, adornos de Navidad, estrella de Navidad, Reyes Magos, ángel.

Link to Printable Spanish Christmas Activities
Coloring Pages with Spanish Captions

The same blog also has set of images of Christmas vocabulary with Spanish captions.

A word search is a much more effective learning activity in a second language if the words are associated with images. This word search from Dibujos para Colorear uses Spanish Christmas vocabulary and has images in the margins. The words in the puzzle are regalo, árbol, carta, campana, reyes Magos, estrella, Papá Noel, Belén, camellos and renos. To make the most of the activity, before starting, do listening practice where kids listen for the words in sentences and point to the image as they hear the word. The sentences can be as simple as ¿Dónde están los renos? or more complicated like Los reyes magos viajaron larga distancia para ver al Niño Jesús.

You can also ask question that relate the words, such as ¿Qué animales tiene Papá Noel?, ¿En Navidad, a quién le escriben una carta los niños? or ¿Adónde viajaron los Reyes Magos?  Children with more Spanish can write original sentences using one or more of the words.

Link to Printable Spanish Word Search
Spanish Christmas Word Search from Dibujos para Colorear

Gift tags may seem not seem like a very important source of language, but I believe all input matters and adds up over time. These printable Spanish gift tags use prepositions (de, para), vocabulary (un regalo para..) and introduce kids to important cultural information (the names of the three kings). There are even word search gift tags – how clever!

Links to Printable Spanish Gift Tags

Printable Spanish gift tags with the words de and para

Printable Spanish gift tags with the words De Papá Noel

Printable Spanish gift tags with Regalo para

¡Felices Fiestas!

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