Spanish association cards for kids.

I use these printable cards with simple Spanish associations to practice vocabulary and common verbs. Kids match two related cards saying the names of the items on the cards. They can also make a sentence to explain the association.

Children can speak Spanish as they match the cards. Or, they can use the cards with simple Spanish associations to play memory, or memorama. There are good Spanish instructions for memorama here if you need a refresher of the rules or want to check vocabulary.

If you are playing with beginning learners, be sure to model the language that they need to match the cards using simple Spanish associations.

Simple Spanish Associations: Sentences

For example, to match the cards, you can make a sentence with the verb ir such as La gallina va con los huevos or El ratón va con el queso.

To explain the simple Spanish associations, you can make a variety of sentences. For example, use sentences with tener and hay.

El carro tiene llantas. / Hay cuatro llantas en el carro.

Or, El manzano tiene manzanas. / Hay manzanas en el manzano.

In addition, you can make sentences with usar.
For example, Se usa el paraguas en la lluvia. / Usamos el paraguas cuando está lloviendo. Or, Se usa lentes de sol cuando hace sol. / Nos ponemos lentes de sol cuando está soleado.

Likewise, Usamos una almohada en la cama. / Dormimos con una almohada en la cama. Or, Usamos la correa para pasear al perro.

In addition, you can make sentences like these:
– Se pone el guante en la mano.
– La vaca nos da leche.
– Ponemos el zapato en el pie.
– Los niños van a la escuela en el bus. / El  bus lleva a los niños a la escuela.
– El ratón come queso. / Al ratón le gusta el queso.
– La gallina pone huevos.

Cards with Easy Spanish Associations

Spanish Association Cards

More General Vocabulary Games

No matter how you play this game, it is a good way to build general vocabulary with children learning Spanish. Of course, you probably introduce related vocabulary in themes. Be sure to check out our all our Spanish vocabulary games for different themes.

Relating words to each other increasing vocabulary and comprehension. Do you have favorite games to help children build sentences and make simple Spanish associations? We would love to hear how you build these skills, so please share in the comments below.

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