A printable Spanish card game for kids to practice house vocabulary.

Last year, I made a printable Spanish card game based on Go Fish, but I added extra language. It’s called Encuentra los animales, and it has worked so well, I made another one for learning rooms of the house and common household objects.

This printable Spanish card game is called Buscando por la casa. It adds context to the classic game Go Fish, so that players are looking for objects in different rooms of the house. Read more about reasons to use games in language teaching.

Also, if your students are learning about furniture and homes, be sure to see our collection of Spanish house vocabulary activities.

Why A Printable Spanish Card Game?

  • Buscando por la casa is easy to learn because it is based on the rules of the familiar game Go Fish.
  • It teaches basic structures used in everyday conversation. These structures can be applied to a wide range of vocabulary and contexts.
  • The game provides opportunity for all players to speak Spanish.
  • The repetition kids need is built into the structure of the Spanish card game.
  • It has original artwork to support the vocabulary.
  • It can be played with limited verb forms and simple structures or adapted to more complicated language.
  • The game can be played by up to 4 players – perfect for group work or family fun.
  • Buscando por la casa has all the strategy and fun kids love in card games.
  • It is a great value! Many language games are expensive, so being able to print your own is economical.

Buscando por la casa is a printable Spanish card game for kids featuring beautiful, original artwork by Patrick Hitesman.

Download Buscando Por La Casa

Download the game here.


Basic play uses hay or estar and buscar. Many other verbs can be used if players have more Spanish.
Household objects
el vaso, el lápiz, la toalla, la mochila, los tenis, el libro, las botas, el gato, el plato, el cepillo de dientes
Rooms of the house
la cocina, la sala, el baño, la habitación

Language Used in the Printable Spanish Card Game

To ask for cards, players use the verbs hay or estar in yes-no questions:
¿Hay platos en la salsa? or ¿Los platos están en la sala?

To give up cards, players answer with hay or estar.
Sí, hay dos platos en la sala. or Sí, dos platos están en la sala.

To say they have no cards and the player has to draw, players use the verb buscar.
No. Busca los platos en el closet.

Players can also practice direct object pronouns when they answer.
No, búscalos en el closet.

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