These printable Spanish bookmarks encourage kids to read in their second language.

These printable Spanish bookmarks let everyone know that reading is worth celebrating. They also remind kids to read more. The bookmarks are black and white, so kids can add their own color and style.

One of the bookmarks encourages everyone to celebrate reading. The other speaks to kids from the pages of a book, reminding them to read more. We included versions in English too, because reading in all languages is important and fun!

We’re sharing these printable Spanish bookmarks as part of the summer reading program. School starts the first weeks of August in parts of the country, so these are the last weeks of summer vacation and summer reading for lots of kids.

Printable Spanish Bookmarks

Download the printable Spanish bookmarks by clicking on the image below.

Printable Spanish bookmarks encourage kids to read more books in their second language.

Grand Prize Packages for Summer Reading

We will draw winners for the 5 grand prize packages on Wednesday, August 3. You can find a list of our fabulous sponsors here.  Everyone registered in the summer reading program is automatically entered for the drawings.

Certificates and Digital Download

Next week we will also share a printable certificate of achievement and a fun digital download as a final celebration of summer reading.

We encourage families to create their own summer reading reward, too. A picnic in the park, a movie, a family bike ride – you know what your child likes. Decide how you want to celebrate summer reading!

You can find additional reading-related activities like the printable Spanish bookmarks on this page of reading resources.  If you still have a few weeks of summer left, try the activities or take a Spanish reading challenge. We want kids to be able to say ¡Leo en español!

Free Spanish iBooks for Kids
Summer Reading Certificate

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