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¡Hola, Crayola! ¡Adios, carita de arroz!  There are lots of Spanish rhymes like this, and kids like learning them because they are fun to say. They are some of the first spontaneous interactions in Spanish that I hear between students.

Many of these Spanish rhymes are used to greet someone and are based on the word hola.  Children say them with enthusiasm and affection. Other rhyming phrases are based on common expressions like bien dicho (Bien dicho, bicho), or ¿que te parece? (¿Qué te parece, trece?).

These phrases are fun to teach anytime you are talking about rhyme. I also put them on bookmarks and handouts and add them to notes I write to students. I have included a set of printable bookmarks with rhyming phrases. Some are in black and white for kids to color.

Link to Printable Spanish Bookmarks

Silly Spanish Rhymes- Bookmarks

Here are more rhyming phrases you can say with kids.

– Hola, hola, coca cola.
– Hola, crayola.
– Hola, cacerola.
– Hola, caracola.
– Hola, radiola.
– Hola, hola ratón sin (con) cola.
– Hola Manola, ratón sin cola.
– ¿Qué te pasa, calabaza?  Nada nada, limonada.
– Estoy feliz como una lombriz.
– Zapatito roto, cuéntame otro.
– Estoy más a gusto que un arbusto.
– Te conozco, mosco.
– Bien dicho, bicho.
– A otra cosa, mariposa (to move on to the next subject or activity).
– Eso eso, pan con queso.
– ¿A dónde vas Conejo Blas? (originally from a song by Cri-Cri, Francisco Gabilondo Soler)
– ¿Qué te parece, trece?
– Me extraña, araña.
– No sé, José.
– Te explico, Federico.
– En fin, Serafín.
– Ya te digo Rodrigo.
– Ay qué risa, Tía Felisa.
– De nada, empanada.
– Hasta la vista, turista.
– Vete, filete.
– Adiós, granito de arroz.
– Adiós, carita de arroz.
– Adiós, corazón de arroz.
– ¡Chaito, pescadito!
– Ciao, bacalao.
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