This printable Spanish book about summer has short senteces and common verbs.

As part of our Summer Spanish Read and Play program, Fun for Spanish Teachers is sharing a printable Spanish book about summer. The digital download of El verano also includes a coloring book version and a mini-coloring book.

Fun for Spanish Teachers is one my favorite sources of elementary Spanish materials. Originally from Colombia, the creator has been teaching elementary Spanish in the United States for years. In addition to writing a great blog, she is a musician and her materials include wonderful Spanish learning songs.

You can download this printable Spanish book free at the end of this post, and find many more great activities in the Fun for Spanish Teacher TpT store.

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I love using printable mini-books with my students. Spanish learners need short, simple sentences supported by focused illustrations.  They also need the chance to read and practice a lot. A printable Spanish book is often inexpensice, and I can find the language level my young students need. El verano is just the kind of printable Spanish book I look for.

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Printable Spanish Book El Verano

A printable Spanish book for children.

  • Focuses on the verb gustar used with infinitives.
  • Introduces or reviews the useful verbs jugar, viajar, acampar, ir (a la playa), and dormir.
  • Uses a pattern that helps kids predict the text and makes reading easier.
  • Has illustrations to clarify the meaning of the text.
  • Has a rhythm that you can sing or clap.
  • Includes a coloring book version as well as a mini-book coloring version.

The coloring versions of this printable Spanish book give kids extra opportunities to read and practice. For example, as they color you can reinforce the vocabulary by asking ¿Te gusta viajar?, ¿Te gusta ir a la playa?, ¿Te gusta acampar?, etc. In addition, the mini-book is a great home connection for teachers. Kids can read their book to family and friends.

Both coloring versions of this printable Spanish book have pages kids can personalize. When kids add what they like to do in the summer, it ensures that they are learning vocabulary relevant to their lives. Teachers can also use those pages to include additional key vocabulary.

Download El Verano

El verano from Fun for Spanish Teachers

Whether you are a teacher or working with your own family to learn Spanish, this printable Spanish book exposes children to Spanish they understand, learn and then use. Be sure to check out Fun for Spanish Teachers’ other materials for more easy ways to create comprehensible input and effective learning.

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