Printable Spanish book about a snowman

This printable book in Spanish has common vocabulary and a simple, repeated sentence structure.  The title is El muñeco de nieve (The Snowman) and the story consists of showing the objects used to build a snowman and then the finished snowman.   All of the sentences have the same pattern.  This is the sentence from the first page: Esta es la nariz para el muñeco de nieve. (This is the nose for the snowman.)  On the following pages, the word nariz is replaced with words for other things you need to build a snowman.  The Spanish vocabulary in the book includes:

La nariz – nose

La boca – mouth

El botón – botton

El sombrero – hat

La bufanda- scarf

La escoba – broom

There are a couple of extra words that you will need to use this book with your child.  The picture for the nose is a carrot – una zanahoria in Spanish.  The picture for the mouth is coal – carbón.  After reading the text Esta es la nariz para el muñeco de nieve, point to the carrot and say Es una zanahoria. After reading Esta es la boca para el muñeco de nieve, say  Es carbón.

This book is in black and white, so that children can color the pages. The layout of the pages creates two books.  Coloring with your child is an excellent Spanish language activity because you can talk about the pictures as you color them. The pictures provide a context for new Spanish words and lots of opportunity for repetition. Click the link for more information about speaking Spanish as you color with your child.

Click this link for a printable book in Spanish about a snowman and scroll down to El Muñeco de nieve. There are other printable Spanish books on the page too.


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