Engage kids with language with these 2 printable Spanish board games.

I like playing board games as language activities because they allow for lots of input and are easy to adapt to different levels. For example, these printable Spanish board games use question cards, so you can use different cards to make the game easier or more challenging.

You will find 3 sets of question cards below and 2 game boards at the end of the post.

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Making Printable Spanish Board Games

A printable game to use at home or in language class.

These printable board games in Spanish are an excellent family activity to keep kids engaged with language during the summer.

Printable board games are inexpensive and easy to make. If you don’t have card stock handy, print on regular paper and kids can tape or glue the cards to index cards. You can put the board on any piece of light cardboard.

Of course, these games are fun in Spanish class too. If you’re wondering about the benefits of playing games in class, read Why Classroom Games Can Be Much More Than Lesson Fillers from the British Council.

Playing Board Games

A game to use with question cards.

To play the games below, you need a die and game markers for each player. You can adapt the rules for your group. With little ones, I like to play in teams.

When it is their turn, players draw a card and answer the question. If they answer correctly, they roll the die and move that number of spaces.

Players follow any instructions on the square they land on.  You can play that if they answer the question incorrectly, they do not roll, or that they subtract 1 from their roll. The first player to reach the end of the path wins the game.

This is the text on the game board spaces.

Inicio – Start
Toma otra trajeta. – Take another card.
Tira otra vez – Roll again.
(2) pasos adelante – (2) spaces forward
(2) pasos atrás – (2) spaces back
Fin – End

Cards for Printable Spanish Board Games

Question cards make board games easy to adapt to different learners. If you have kids of different ages or levels playing, they can draw from different piles. You can even use different types of cards for different levels.

Use these 3 sets of cards to play the printable board games below.

Choice Questions for Beginner Users

Choice questions with images to use with printable Spanish board games.

This set of 48 cards has pictures of common vocabulary and choice questions.

It is easier for learners to recognize and repeat words than to produce them. That’s why choice questions work well. With these cards, kids see the image and hear a question with two choices. They recognize and repeat the correct word.

I also like choice questions with beginners because kids get lots of exposure to the structure of questions and common verbs. In this case, all of the cards use the verb ser.

Adding a Statement to Choice Cards

If the words on the cards are new to your players, you can add a statement before the question. In other words, with the picture of the cow you’ll say Es una vaca. ¿Es una vaca o un caballo?

With the picture of the apple, you’ll say Es una manzana. ¿Es una fresa o una manzana?

Adding a statement might seem “too easy”, but it is an effective, widely recognized teaching technique. Sure, kids will almost always answer correctly (Yay! That is the goal!), Then they roll the die, so there is an element of luck and it is still a game.

We’ve included blank cards so you can add your own choice questions. Draw or glue a simple picture to the card. Stickers work great!

Get 48 Choice Cards for Beginners.

Name Three Things Cards

Use these category cards to play printable Spanish board games.

With these 80 cards players name three things in a category. This is useful because groupings words by a common characteristic lets kids think about vocabulary in different ways.

Some of the cards have categories kids will expect, such as Nombra 3 frutas. However, other categories are not so obvious. For example, some of the first words my students learn are mano, manzana and mamá, but kids don’t usually think of them as palabras que empiezan con la letra m.

In addition, we’ve included blank cards so you can add more categories.

Get the Name 3 Things Printable Spanish Game Cards.

General Knowledge Question Cards

Use these printable cards with Spanish trivia questions in class or at home.

This set of cards has a wide variety of questions relating to general information kids learn at an early age. That context helps them understand new language.

For example, with the question Si mezclas amarillo y azul, obtienes el color verde. ¿Qué color obtienes si mezclas rojo y azul? even kids who are not familiar with the verb mezclar can understand the question from the words rojo and azul and the larger context.

Some of the questions are easier and others are more difficult, so choose cards that are right for your players. Make two piles if you have players of different levels.

We’ve included blank cards so you can add your own questions.

Get 80 Spanish General Knowledge Question Cards.

Printable Spanish Board Games

Get the printable Spanish game boards:

Kids design game board

Animal design game board

Do you have favorite ways to keep your kids playing in Spanish? Or favorite games you use in your classroom? As always, we would love your recommendations!

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