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These printable Spanish alphabet cards from Mr. Printables are free to download for personal and classroom use. I make a lot of my own simple printables, but I am limited to clip art because I have no artistic ability. These cards are cute, with pretty colors that kids will love. Just click on the link below and scroll down to download the pdf.

Link to Printable Spanish Alphabet Cards

Spanish Alphabet cards from Mr. Printables

What do you do with Spanish alphabet cards? Here are a few ideas:

– Sing the alphabet song as you point to the letters. You can sing to the traditional tune in English or learn a new one, like the version here.

– Mix up the cards and put them back in order as you say the alphabet.

– Lay out the cards in a row, in order or randomly, and roll dice to move markers along the path. Say the letter and the word you land on.

– Print two sets of cards and play memory. Start with just a few pairs. Say the letter name and word when you turn the card over.

– Preschoolers can trace the letters on the cards with a finger to get used to the shapes. Say the letter and the word.

– Mix the cards up and place them face down. Turn them over one at a time to find the cards and put them in order.

– Say the letter, the word and then together think of another word in Spanish that starts with the same sound.

– Lay out three cards. Have your child close her eyes and take one away. What’s missing? Let your child lay out cards for you, too.

– Hang the cards at your child’s eye level and talk about the sounds and words together.

– If your child is learning to combine letter sounds into words, there are many activities that you can do with cards. Just search “alphabet activities” for ideas.

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