A printable Spanish activity with simple analogies.

printable spanish activity analogies

Kids have fun solving analogies because they are mental puzzles. In this printable Spanish activity, they figure out the relationship between a pair of words and then choose another pair that is related in the same way.  Analogies are a great language activity because the words are commonly associated with each other, for example sol-día, vaca-leche, zapato-pie. Thinking through the relationship reinforces the meaning of the vocabulary.

Talking about analogies is also a good way to practice verbs. Frequently, the given words in simple analogies are nouns, and to explain the relationship you use a common verb. Kids can often solve an analogy even if they do not have the Spanish to express the relationship. In this printable activity, both halves of the analogy are provided, and often the verb is included – La luna sale de noche como el sol sale de día. Other analogies use the “…is to…as…is to…” structure – Manos es a escribir como pies es a caminar. Teachers and parents can make the most of the activity by describing how the words are related so that kids can hear the verb – Usamos las manos para escribir. Usamos los pies para caminar.

To do this printable activity, kids cut out the second half of the analogy and glue it in the correct place to complete the sentence. There are pictures for key words on both halves, giving kids support to help figure out the relationship.

These are the completed analogies that kids will assemble when they do the activity:
La oveja da lana… como la abeja da miel.
La luna sale de noche… como el sol sale de día.
El cerdo tiene cuatro patas… como la paloma tiene dos patas.
El caballo tiene pelo… como la gallina tiene plumas.
Comer es a hambre… como beber es a sed.
Manos es a escribir… como pies es a caminar.
El zapato es para el pie… como el guante es para la mano.
Oso es a cueva… como pájaro es a nido.
Nariz es parte de la cara… como uña es parte del dedo.
Verde es a hierba… como amarillo es a plátano.

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Simple Spanish Analogies

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