This cube is a fun way to practice different actions like salta (jump) run (corre) and camina (walk). It also works with activities that can be acted out, like come una zanahoria (eat a carrot) or abre la puerta (open the door). I have included a few of my PDFs for simple cubes below.

An activity cube works well for groups of kids at different levels. It is easy for everyone to participate by rolling the cube. Teachers or parents read the cube aloud and pictures help kids understand what action they are supposed to do.

The actions on the cube can be adapted for many different kinds of vocabulary. Kids can draw pictures or cut them out of  magazines. You can also adapt printable flashcards that you find online. For actions, ESL flashcards has medium-sized images that work (you have to trim a little to make them square). If the cube has pictures, it does not have to have the Spanish words.

Before you start, review the six sides of the cube. Then you are ready to roll!

Links to printable Spanish activity cube PDFs

These PDFs can be printed on card stock and taped together. Stuff the cube with newspaper to make it sturdier and give it a little more weight.

Activity cube – Animals
Activity cube – Everyday activities
Activity cube – Foods
Activity cube – Actions
Activity cube – Household tasks

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