Spanish activity books for children to use over the summer.

Printable Spanish activities can keep children reading, writing and thinking in Spanish during the summer. It is common for teachers in some countries to compile Spanish activity books for their students to do over vacation. The activities can sometimes be a little dry and boring, depending on the teacher, but they can also be a valuable way to maintain contact with the language.

Below are several sites with cuadernos de actividades, Spanish activity books, at different levels that you can print at no cost. All of these are PDFs and some of them have lots of pages. I suggest you choose the pages that you would like to use and print only those.

Spanish Activity Books

1. This is a page of the blog Aula PT with links to lots of printable Spanish activity books. Some of the material is from Cuadernos Digitales Vindel which offers free reading and math activity books. The materials on Aula PT are listed by level and many are appropriate for Spanish language learners.

2. This site from El Departamento de Orientación de Andújar (Spain) has printable math workbooks for primary grades. Kids can learn a lot of Spanish as they practice math! Many of the Spanish activity books are from the government of Guatemala. If you scroll to the bottom of the post there are links to download .zip files and workbooks organized by topic. You can also click on individual workbooks. You will have to go through several pages to get to the downloadable files, but they do work.

3. The blog Fichas para infantil y primaria has a Banco de lecturas for several different levels. Scroll down and click on the image of Lecturas-Primer Ciclo, Lecturas-Segundo Ciclo, or Lecturas-Tercer Ciclo.

4. The blog 3º de primaria: ejercicios, recursos y actividades has a page of cuadernos para el verano. The first link is to a Cuaderno de refuerzo, but many of the exercises are based on readings that are not included. The final link is to an activity book from Colegio San Agustín de Valladolid that has activities related to many subjects. It does include the readings and many activities.

5. El club de los pitagorines is the blog of 3º y 4º  CPEIP José Luis De Arrese de Corella, Narvarra, Spain. There are three different printable Spanish activity books of material that they prepared for their students to use over the summer. There are also links to interactive materials, most from Editorial Anaya.

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