Activities for St. Patrick's Day in Spanish

This set of Spanish St Patrick’s Day materials and activities is from the wonderful website Nourish Interactive. The free printable Spanish materials include coloring pages, word search puzzles, scrambled word puzzles, bookmarks, worksheets of words to alphabetize and lunchbox notes. All of these activities teach Spanish food vocabulary if you talk about them with kids learning Spanish, and of course they teach healthy eating habits!
You can find all of these activities and others here: Printable Spanish activities for St. Patrick’s Day or you can use the links below to reach an individual activity.

There will be a box on the right side of the screen that says Descargue esta hoja (Download this worksheet). Click on Archivo en español (File in Spanish) for the Spanish printable. If there is an answer key, it will be labeled Clave de Respuestas en Español. All the activities have instructions in Spanish and some text. The following activities are especially appropriate for using with Spanish language learners.

Página de Colorear de La Pirámide Alimenticia de la Suerte – This coloring page is full of fun Spanish text about the luck of the food pyramid. It uses lots of great Spanish vocabulary about the food groups. For example, La suerte de los vegetales ¡Lucha contra las enfermedades! / Vegetable luck! Fight against disease!, La Suerte de las Escaleras ¡Sé Activo! / Stairs luck. Be active! and La Suerte de la Leche ¡Crece alto con huesos fuertes!/ Milk luck! Grow tall with strong bones.

Alfabetos de palabras de la suerte para San Patricio – This is an activity where kids put words in alphabetical order. There are 11 words including verde (green) suerte (luck) trébol (shamrock), arco iris (rainbow), brócoli (broccoli), nabo (turnip), and duende (leprechaun).
You can add to the language learning value of this activity by asking kids to draw or represent the words visually in some way (it is not easy to draw luck).

Hoja de Trabajo – Poner en Orden Los Vegetales Verdes de la Suerte – There are drawings to represent the words that kids unscramble on this activity sheet. The vocabulary includes trébol (shamrock), arco iris (rainbow), brócoli (broccoli), uvas (grapes), apio (celery), lechuga (lettuce), manzana (apple) and lima (lime).

Hoja de Colorear y de Trabajo De Poner en Orden los Vegetales Verdes Para San Patricio – This is another word scramble. It is in black and white for kids to color.

Rompecabezas Imprimible de Búsqueda de Palabras de Vegetales de la Suerte Para San Patricio – This word search has seven words for common fruits and vegetables. It uses the word palta for avocado, so if your kids have learned aguacate this is a good way to introduce the other common word for this delicious fruit. Yes, an avocado is technically a fruit.

Rompecabezas Imprimible de Búsqueda de Palabras Vegetales Verdes de La Suerte Para San Patricio – This is a bigger word search puzzle with 15 fruits and vegetables.

Chef Solus – Rompecabezas de Palabras del Día de San Patricio  – Kids unscramble the words to decode a secret message.

Notitas Para la Lonchera Gratis con Mensajes Saludables Para el Día de San Patricio – This is a great set of lunch box notes.

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