printable spanish activities for spring

The days are getting longer and warmer, and I have started to talk about spring in my classes. Here are a few helpful resources if you are thinking about the changing season too.

La asociación mundial de educadores infantiles has a set of ten coloring pages of different flowers. These are common flowers and coloring them is a great way to brighten a room, learn vocabulary and learn to identify flowers. There is also a colorful calender template to use in class or at home. Below the calender template you will find a link to printables for the days, months and seasons to use with the template.

Also, For Día Mundial del Agua (World Water Day) on March 22, the site has suggested content and instructions and templates to make a paper aquarium.

Link to printable Spanish activities:

Printable Spanish activities for spring La asociación mundial de educadores infantiles

Links to Spanish poems:

La casa del árbol is a site devoted to developing reading skills in children in Perú. They have a selection of spring poems including works of famous poets like José Martí and Antonio Machado.

Spanish poems for spring – La casa del árbol
Spanish poems for spring II – La casa del árbol
Spanish poem and coloring sheet – Spring  This is a coloring sheet with a simple Spanish poem about a butterfly. The poem uses vocabulary kids are familiar with like mariposa, le gusta, volar, se cansó, mano, enojada, se escapó.

Coloring sheets:

The website has lots of spring coloring sheets. Many of them have Spanish text for children who are learning to read.

Printable Spanish coloring sheets – Spring

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Spanish Website with Vocabulary Activities: Chillola
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